Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello all! My name is Bj√∂rn and I’m the owner and writer for this blog. I’ve been a Heathen for around 3 years now, and it’s been an enlightening experience for me. I’ve learned more than any time beforehand and I constantly continue to learn.

My basic interests include folk anything, be it magic, lore, music, medicine, what have you, music (mainly metal), research, and Appalachia. The part of the Appalachian mountains that I live in, the Holston Mountains to be exact, are very near and dear to me, and they have helped me through my trials of Heathenry and life. I’ve been a lover of these fair mountains since I was a child, and I will forever love my Holston Valley home.

One thing about my Heathenry is that it is based in the religious views and practices of the Old Norse people who lived during the Iron Age and slightly beforehandit and afterward into the Medieval era. I also have a large interest in the religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their culture. (I hope to one day contribute to that field of study)

So, to conclude, you’ll find a bunch of information here. Pretty much any theory that comes to my mind, or topic you wish to request, will end up here in some way. I love writing about Heathenry and religion so please feel free to request a topic!! 

Thank you for reading and have and amazing night!


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