Várblót – The Spring Sacrifice

Góðan dag! Today I’m going to be stepping back into the theological realm from any sort of political discourse, and I’m going to talk about my kindred’s recent blót.

This sacrifice, which I’ve dubbed Várblót, was dedicated to the might of the Sun, Sól, and the blessings She bestows upon Miðgarðr, to Thor, and His blessings of fertility and rain upon our fields and his protection of Miðgarðr, and to the land-wights, and Their protection of our land.

We offered our usual offerings, and asked for blessings on not only my garden, but our kindred’s communal plot. I’d list all of the stuff we offered, but you can see that in the picture I’ll add of our vé to the end of this.

After we formally offered, and brought the offerings to our own little sacred oak, we went to my basement and held symbel. Wonderful time, and we figured out we’re more liquor than beer guys.

All together, as goði of my kindred, I can say it went well, but I’m hoping to reform and refine the structure and deliverance of our blót setup, and make it a more proper feeling event. My main goal at the moment is to work on writing some galdr and working on getting a drum, as well as some animals to raise (Probably will just be chickens and, gods willing, a goat.).

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment them! Something you’d like to see me write about? Write it down below! And if any of you live in or near the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee and would like to meet with the Chief and I, send me a message or email me and we’ll work something out!

Heilir æsir heilar ásynjur!
Heilir gamlir menn ok siðir!



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