Of Oaks and Sweet Tea

Góðan dag! It’s been a while since I wrote last time, and I woke up this morning with a profound sense of inspiration. There are two things that are VERY important to the overall of my heathen cultus. Those two things would have to be oaks and sweet tea!

The oak, within Heathenry, is one of the most sacred trees. It’s the tree most commonly associated with Thor and, unlike the evergreens that are also revered, goes through the life-death cycle as we do. Now, it’s something that my tribe and I believe, that trees, much like smoke, help carry our prayers and offerings to the heavens, and we regularly offer and pray at our Eik when we celebrate the Holy Tidea.

Another important, specifically Southern, thing is sweet tea. My family makes sweet tea often, and it’s my preferred go to when offerings to the ancestors are concerned, and even the gods when we offer meals. Sweet tea, down here, is one of our staple drinks, and it holds some weight in the hearts of us. It’s something we hold dear as a tradition and as a drink of our folk. 

So, much like our godpoles my tribe holds so dear, the oak, or eik, and sweet tea hold a profound love in our hearts. They’ve both been central parts of our practice and worship, and it was something I wanted to write about on here! Hope y’all have and great one! Farvel!


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