A Heathen Homestead in Appalachia

As a fellow Appalachian Heathen who’s hoping to start homesteading, with my tribe, I find this refreshing. An awesome piece!

Weiß Alb Hearth


Homesteading is often a topic of discussion that comes up when Heathens are considering the ways of life once familiar and the types of endeavors they would like to employ in building a inneryard that utilizes the method of Reconstruction. Tending to the care and maintenance of land, while additionally providing for ones self and family, is a time-honored way of life. Homesteading and hearth cult praxis remain a foundational and central focus in many parts of Appalachia and Heathenry as well.

While the concept of an inneryard is found interspersed throughout Heathenry, and means varying things to different people, there has been a resurgence of homesteads that are now inclusive of multiple residences owned by individuals and families who hold common frith bonds that share a plot of land on which they work, develop, and sustain themselves.

Farmers markets provide suitable options in providing a way of selling handcrafted…

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